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oba wound round and round her waist, a●ppeared on the landing above and beckoned to me● to ascend.I


caught up my bundle; b▓ut before I had mounted two steps th●e proprietor sprang forward with a scre▓am and, clutching at my coat-tails, dragged 466m▓e back.A half-dozen servant girls tumb●led wild


-eyed into the patio and j●oined the landlord in heaping abuse upon ▓me.I had dared to start up ●the stairway without removin●g my shoes! The sight of a guest at a Fifth-aven●ue hotel jumping into


bed fully clad could n●ot have aroused such an uproar. I pulled ●off the offending brogans; the ke▓eper added them to a long lin●e of wooden sandals ranged along the w●all; and the matron conduc


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ted me to a small▓ chamber with a balcony opening on the stre●et.Everything about the apartment added to ▓the feeling that I was a gian

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t among Lilliput▓ians; the ceiling, gay with gorgeously tinted▓ dragons, was so low, the walls mere sliding p▓anels of half-transparent paper stamped

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wi▓th flowers and strange figures, the highly-poli▓shed floor so frail that it yielded under▓ every step.With a flying start a● man c

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ould have run straight through th▓e house and left it a wreck behind. The ro▓om was entirely unfurnished.The hostess ●placed a cushion for me in the center of t●he floor and clapped her hands.A servan▓t girl slipped in, bearing a tray on whic▓

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